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Learn More Got it! . AKC Store Buy Microchips Breeder Resources Government Relations Ordering an Online Pedigree Ordering a Certified Pedigree DNA Resource Center Inspections Register Your Purebred Register Online Register By Mail Register Your Purebred Alternative Listing Register By Mail Register Your Mixed Breed Dog Canine Partners Program AKC Store AKC Store Your Dog's Pedigree Lost Pet Services AKC Reunite Training & Socialization AKC Canine Good Citizen CGC Classes and Tests (CGC,STAR,CGCA, CGCU) AKC GoodDog Helpline AKC Training Clubs AKC Therapy Dog Program Responsible Dog Ownership Be a Responsible Dog Owner Responsible Dog Ownership Day Events Care for Your Dog AKC Health AKC Pet Insurance AKC Veterinary Network Find a Club Club Search Form a Club Club Policies New Club Profile Form How to Form a Club Manage a Club All Breed Club Resources Rules and Regulations About Club Relations Club Membership Upload Club Outreach Online Event Management Promote a Club How To Media Resources Press Center Public Education AKC Humane Fund Outstanding Sportsmanship Award Delegates Delegates Delegates Meeting Dates Delegate Directory & Search Delegate Standing Committees Learn About Events All Events Conformation Dog Shows Obedience AKC Rally Agility Tracking Field Events 4 to 6 Puppy FSS Open Shows Learn About Events Coursing Ability Test Fast CAT Earthdog Herding Lure Coursing Owner-Handled Series Junior Showmanship Title Recognition Program Find Events Event Calendar Event Cancellations Responsible Dog Ownership Days Meet The Breeds NYC Event Resources AKC Store Live Show Results Judges Directory Online Event Management Rules and Regulations Downloadable Forms Points and Awards Hosting A Pee Wee Event Dog Health Conditions Symptoms Nutrition Parasites AKC Magazines AKC Gazette Family Dog Dog Training Behavior Issues Canine Sports Tricks Advanced Basics Dog Care General Care Puppy Care Senior Care Fitness Grooming News Dog News Entertainment Did You Know Trending Things To Do With Your Dog AKC Services & Reports AKC Certified Pedigrees DNA Testing AKC Reunite Microchips Breeder Reports Competitor Reports Rules, Regulations & Sport Guidelines AKC Training Products AKC GoodDog! Helpline Canine Good Citizen Merchandise Materials for CGC Evaluators Training Books Breed Specific Merchandise Mugs Phone Cases Umbrellas Posters Grooming & Wellness Grooming Kits Shampoos & Conditioners Grooming Gloves Dental Care Ear Care Toys, Treats & Accessories Toys & Treats Puppy Products Dog Bowls Dog Beds Crate Mats Dog Stairs MyAKC Overview Getting StartedSupportTechnical Support My Account Account OverviewAKC StoreContact ManagementAccount ManagementAccount HistoryAddress Book Sign Out My Dogs & Litters Manage DogsBreeder RecordsAdd/Update Puppy Buyer Info My Event Tools My EventsEnter Agility Event(s)Saved EntriesOnline PlansEvents & Awards SearchCompetitor Reports . The chest should not be flat or concave, and the brisket should nicely fill an average man's slightly-cupped hand. Meetups Explore and see all of the local Scottish Terriers in your area. compare this breed with any other breed/s of your choosing Dog BreedsScottish Terrier theScottish Terrier Independent, Confident, Spirited Terrier Group Find Scottish Terrier Puppies meet theScottish Terrier Did you know? The Scottish Terrier was bred in Scotland as a fierce hunter of foxes and badgers. Try these little browser tricks to get going again. The front feet should point straight ahead, but a slight "toeing out" is acceptable. Sign Up Login MY AKC Search MyAKC Overview Getting StartedSupportTechnical Support My Account Account OverviewAKC StoreContact ManagementAccount ManagementAccount HistoryAddress Book Sign Out My Dogs & Litters Manage DogsBreeder RecordsAdd/Update Puppy Buyer Info My Event Tools My EventsEnter Agility Event(s)Saved EntriesOnline PlansEvents & Awards SearchCompetitor Reports Breeds Breeders Owners Clubs Events Resources Store Sign In MY AKC Help Me Choose Breed Selector You vs.

Breed Compare Breeds Browse All Breeds Browse All Breeds By Dog Breed Affenpinscher Afghan Hound Airedale Terrier Akita Alaskan Malamute American English Coonhound American Eskimo Dog American Foxhound American Hairless Terrier American Leopard Hound American Staffordshire Terrier American Water Spaniel Anatolian Shepherd Dog Appenzeller Sennenhunde Australian Cattle Dog Australian Shepherd Australian Terrier Azawakh Barbet Basenji Basset Fauve de Bretagne Basset Hound Beagle Bearded Collie Beauceron Bedlington Terrier Belgian Laekenois Belgian Malinois Belgian Sheepdog Belgian Tervuren Bergamasco Berger Picard Bernese Mountain Dog Bichon Frise Biewer Terrier Black and Tan Coonhound Black Russian Terrier Bloodhound Bluetick Coonhound Boerboel Bolognese Border Collie Border Terrier Borzoi Boston Terrier Bouvier des Flandres Boxer Boykin Spaniel Bracco Italiano Braque du Bourbonnais Braque Francais Pyrenean Briard Brittany Broholmer Brussels Griffon Bull Terrier Bulldog Bullmastiff Cairn Terrier Canaan Dog Cane Corso Cardigan Welsh Corgi Catahoula Leopard Dog Caucasian Ovcharka Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Central Asian Shepherd Dog Cesky Terrier Chesapeake Bay Retriever Chihuahua Chinese Crested Chinese Shar-Pei Chinook Chow Chow Cirneco dellEtna Clumber Spaniel Cocker Spaniel Collie Coton de Tulear Curly-Coated Retriever Czechoslovakian Vlcak Dachshund Dalmatian Dandie Dinmont Terrier Danish-Swedish Farmdog Deutscher Wachtelhund Doberman Pinscher Dogo Argentino Dogue de Bordeaux Drentsche Patrijshond Drever Dutch Shepherd English Cocker Spaniel English Foxhound English Setter English Springer Spaniel English Toy Spaniel Entlebucher Mountain Dog Estrela Mountain Dog Eurasier Field Spaniel Finnish Lapphund Finnish Spitz Flat-Coated Retriever French Bulldog French Spaniel German Longhaired Pointer German Pinscher German Shepherd Dog German Shorthaired Pointer German Spitz German Wirehaired Pointer Giant Schnauzer Glen of Imaal Terrier Golden Retriever Gordon Setter Grand Basset Griffon Vendeen Great Dane Great Pyrenees Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Greyhound Hamiltonstovare Harrier Havanese Hokkaido Hovawart Ibizan Hound Icelandic Sheepdog Irish Red and White Setter Irish Setter Irish Terrier Irish Water Spaniel Irish Wolfhound Italian Greyhound Jagdterrier Japanese Chin Jindo Kai Ken Karelian Bear Dog Keeshond Kerry Blue Terrier Kishu Ken Komondor Kromfohrlander Kuvasz Labrador Retriever Lagotto Romagnolo Lakeland Terrier Lancashire Heeler Leonberger Lhasa Apso Lowchen Maltese Manchester Terrier Mastiff Miniature American Shepherd Miniature Bull Terrier Miniature Pinscher Miniature Schnauzer Mudi Neapolitan Mastiff Nederlandse Kooikerhondje Newfoundland Norfolk Terrier Norrbottenspets Norwegian Buhund Norwegian Elkhound Norwegian Lundehund Norwich Terrier Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Old English Sheepdog Otterhound Papillon Parson Russell Terrier Pekingese Pembroke Welsh Corgi Perro de Presa Canario Peruvian Inca Orchid Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen Pharaoh Hound Plott Pointer Polish Lowland Sheepdog Pomeranian Poodle Portuguese Podengo Portuguese Podengo Pequeno Portuguese Pointer Portuguese Sheepdog Portuguese Water Dog Pudelpointer Pug Puli Pumi Pyrenean Mastiff Pyrenean Shepherd Rafeiro do Alentejo Rat Terrier Redbone Coonhound Rhodesian Ridgeback Rottweiler Russell Terrier Russian Toy Russian Tsvetnaya Bolonka Saluki Samoyed Schapendoes Schipperke Scottish Deerhound Scottish Terrier Sealyham Terrier Shetland Sheepdog Shiba Inu Shih Tzu Shikoku Siberian Husky Silky Terrier Skye Terrier Sloughi Slovensky Cuvac Slovensky Kopov Small Munsterlander Pointer Smooth Fox Terrier Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Spanish Mastiff Spanish Water Dog Spinone Italiano St. Hocks should be well let down and parallel to each other. Scottish Terriers should not be out at the elbows. Hindquarters The thighs should be very muscular and powerful for the size of the dog with the stifles well bent and the legs straight from hock to heel. Body Thebodyshould be moderately short with ribs extending well back into a short, strong loin, deep flanks and very muscular hindquarters. The dog should be presented with sufficient coat so that the texture and density may be determined. Download the complete breed standard or club flier PDFs. Read More Exercise Somewhat Active; Brisk walks, exploring the yard or park, and upbeat play will satisfy their exercise needs.

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